Our philosophy

A family environment

We are a family ethical breeder. Our dogs do not live in kennels or pens and even less in a courtyard. Each of our dogs live in what we call “a foster home”. It has a balanced family life in a loving and stimulating environment.  We my cotons get retired, they stay forever in their family.

We arrange dates for the honeymoons… and a week prior to the expected date of kindling; the mother comes here with her suitcase. She will stay with us for the two months’ maternity period, and then, will return to her family and her daily life.

What i a breeder?

Being a good breeder requires 24/7 availability. The cotons are always a priority in our lives. They require constant care and they completely depend on us. We handle puppies from birth and we ensure they build their confidence in humans and themselves.

Being an ethical breeder requires integrity in decision making and in the choice of parents. We have the primary responsibility of preserving and improving the breed. We must make our decisions based on values and principles

Healt first

Our breeding goal is to have healthy dogs with excellent temperament, feeling good in their head and fur. All our parents are certified for eyes (CERF) and patella (OFA).  We also test our dogs for more than 170 health issues…   including the 7 most specific. You can learn more in our new section DNA TESTS.

We offer a two years’ health warranty regarding any genetic health problem that would undermine the quality of life of your coton.

The choice of puppy in the litter is based on the character and temperament of the puppy. This is not a choice based on physical characteristic or gender. I try to make the best possible marriage between the families’ expectations, their lifestyle and the little coton.

When to adopt?

The timing of the adoption is extremely important. You must have time to spend with your puppy to socialize it. Thirty minutes or more a day in order to allow for new experiences: meet new people, visit new places where there are lots of noises, odors, movements, drives in the car, etc.

You should know that the puppy builds itself from 0-6 months. The plurality of experiences will ensure that your little coton increases its self-esteem and confidence. Otherwise you will have a fearful, anxious, and unhappy dog.

When we sign the contract for your little coton d’amour, I will give you a code to access a book with over 280 pages of informations (socialization, education, grooming, feeding, vaccination, etc.) to help you to prepare for the arrival of your puppy.

Pictures and videos!

From birth, and then every week thereafter, I take photos and vidéos that I post on FB for families waiting for their little coton with comments on their development. The waiting is therefore more exciting. Each puppy is identified by a small colored ribbon.

When they leave home at 8 weeks, they have been vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and thoroughly examined by the vet. As per the adoption contract, you are obligated to have your puppy sterilized before the age of 7 months. Once I receive a proof of sterilization I will send you the pedigree of your little coton d’amour. The cotons of Tulear are registered with the Canine Federation of Canada.

This means that we are very active with our adoptive families, both before and after the adoption, when the puppy has arrived in your life. I continue to study, read, accumulate training in an ongoing effort to learn more and do the best.


My Training

Professional Magister Cyno

Specialist Certificate in Canine Behaviour (CECA)

Graduated from l’École Internationale de Zoothérapie

Certificate from Zoothérapie Québec

Bachelor’s degree in Criminology