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The cotton of Tuléar

Hello and welcome to Mon Coton D’Amour. I hope that this visit will allow you to learn a little more about what this remarkable breed that is the coton de Tulear.

You will find on these pages information about this ball of love and super kissing machine that is the coton de Tulear. Whether you are looking for the breed that suits you or your dream coton, I hope that these pages will help you. But the faint hearted must be advised   : Love at first sight is imminent!

Whoever comes within three feet of that little white ball will be conquered forever.  In addition to its stuffed animal appearance, it has a softness that is very close to silk or velvet.  But what is most extraordinary in this little dog is its temperament.  Feeling good in its coton’s skin, intelligent, curious, happy, calm, affectionate, funny, it masters well the art of charming. It seems to have inherited the best qualities of canines.

A coton becomes deeply committed and devoted to its family; it feels good in in skin and loves everyone, especially children. It is usually exuberant in its manifestation of affection.  Kisses… kisses… and more kisses…

It likes to get attention and hugs when you offer him, but it is still moderate and not intrusive in its requests. It’s emotionally sensitive to what is happening around it, and he seems to have antennas to recognize different emotions such as joy, sorrow, fear etc…  Your relationship with a little coton may be one of the most beautiful, soft, deep and subtle and certainly filled with mischief.  Once adult, the cotton weighs between 9 and 14 lbs., with an average 12lbs and has a life expectancy of between 15 and 18 years and has an iron constitution.

As a puppy, of course, it will be more dependent, more playful, and more demonstrative.  Briefly the coton de Tulear tends to be calm, thoughtful as he can be a real clown.

It has no huge need to spend its energy. So, it adapts well to life in a condo or apartment. Looking at it one would never know, but it’s a sturdy, wilful and tireless dog. It loves to walk, run and swim. Just like humans exercise is a sign of good health.

The little cotons thrive in sincere friendship and want to be wherever you are. Its golden life is to be with you in the house and go out with you whenever you go. But please be careful that they do not develop separation anxiety. I would say it is the sensitive issue of this breed.

Through its keen intelligence, its good attention span and concentration as well as its willingness to please you, the coton de Tulear is a dog that is easy to educate. It responds very well to positive reinforcement. In France it’s known as the «the little puppet” because of its docile nature.

But regardless of the breed of dog you choose, if you do not assume your authority, the dog will do so sooner or later, with more or less impact on who should hold this leadership. That is why it must obey the rules of education to foster appropriate behavior and inhibit undesirable behavior. I love Martha Scott’s quote that says: “Don’t make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they will treat you like dogs.” The key elements in its development and its future dog’s life are education and socialization.

Nearly 65% of coton of Tulear is born white or white with a bit of champagne. 35% is tricoloured and as little as 5% is black and white. You should know that the vast majority of these puppies lose their color within the first year. I like to joke that they fade in the wash…

The cotton fur is….. cottony and it doesn’t lose it, which makes it a little allergenic dog. I do not like to say that it is hypo-allergenic, although many breeders claim so. Usually people with respiratory reactions rarely show allergic symptoms, but those who have skin reactions could still be allergic. The best way to find out is to make an appointment to come in contact with a little coton to be sure.

Of course nothing beats a good conversation where I can answer all your questions. I invite you to contact me if your heart so desires.

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2 days ago

Mon Coton D'Amour

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Kali attend 4 petits cotons damour dans les prochains jours....


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Bonsoir es ce que nous les parents adoptifs dans cette portée ?

Et qui est le papa?

Ben non,ça ne se peut pas?

4 days ago

Mon Coton D'Amour

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Ma Rosie est la fille d'un champion d'agilité elle a les gènes...encore a 16ans 1/2 elle est agile comme c'est pas toute beauté.💛💚💙💗

Bravo petite championne! Tu es adorable!

5 days ago

Mon Coton D'Amour

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trop beau!!

Il a quel âge 😍

Votre prochaine portée??!!! Nous en voulons un comme ça!!!

il est très beau xx

Trop beau!

Qu’il est beau! Trop mignon! 😍

Bravo il faut le garder au chaud.

Uber User tu es vraiment cute. Top modèle

Problème de correction, donc reprise: Uber tu es vraiment un top modèle. Cute comme un cœur!

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1 month ago

Mon Coton D'Amour

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Kali se repose en attendant larrivée de ses petits cotons damour


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Oh she is so Precious! Big bisou for Kali. La belle maman!

La maman de mon cotton d’amour!

Belle petite maman...elle a l'air toute douce..❤❤❤

Repose toi bien ma petite chérie!!!!

Repose toi belle Kali avant que ta marmaille arrive.

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1 month ago

Mon Coton D'Amour

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Shanti et Meika en camping !


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Ce n'est pas difficile de tomber en amour avec ces petites boules.

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